How do i debug a blueprint project

Hey there. I’m a freshmen in learning UE4. I followed the tutorial of [Blueprints Quick Start Guide][1], and i constructed my LaunchPad class like this

However, when my player stepped on the LaunchPad, he wasn’t launched at all.
So i wonder, if there is a way for me to set a breakpoint somewhere in the program so that i can check what is wrong with my program like using vs2015. Can anyone guide me ? Much obliged!

Select a blueprint node and then press “F9” on your keyboard. This will set a breakpoint on that execution node. The debugging in UE4 editor is not nearly as powerful as it is in Visual Studio though.

i tried setting breakpoint on every node. But still nothing happens when the play steps on the LaunchPad…

First thing i would check is if your box and your character have collision that will actually overlap. If you never see the overlap fire (Use break or print node to check) then your collision is probably incorrect.

If the box is default set to OverlapAllDynamic, make sure your pawn has collision and that its collision primitive is set to OverlapDynamic(whichever the box uses).