How Do I Deal With Draw Calls for a Minecraft type game on mobile?

Howdy all;

So I am working on a minecraft type game for mobile. That means I have to have lots and lots of different blocks out there. If I am thinking correctly then that would mean thousands of draw calls. The Mobile rendering engines completely tank when it comes to draw calls. So I am wondering. Does anyone know how to work around this problem or how to get thousands of blocks without thousands of draw calls?
Any Help is greatly appreciated.

instanced static mesh component may help

Ahh yeah, good idea. Ty ty

If you are thinking about 1 block = 1 object, stop. That would obviously not scale at all in terms of memory and performance. There is plenty of technical information on how Minecraft works on the internet, search for it and give it a read.

For example, you could dynamically generate a mesh for each “chunk” of blocks (for example, 32x32x32 blocks) and update it when it’s modified. If you place all different block textures in a texture atlas and set the UVs of each block face based on the material type, you could then render a chunk with one draw call.

Minecraft voxel engine only renders poly faces the player can see.
So yeah, if you try to use actual real cube meshes you’ll destroy any game engine’s performance.

Thank you both so very much for the excellent advice! This really does help a lot.