How do i deactivate/disable the collision hitbox of a APEX destructible mesh inside a blueprint?

Unreal Engine Version 4.25.4

Hello good people of the internet!

I want to ask if anyone has an idea on how to turn off the collision from an APEX destructible mesh inside a blueprint? What i am trying to do: I have a blueprint. Inside is a destructible mesh from a wall with a doorframe. I have placed inside the blueprint a box collision where the doorframe is. My problem is that my character cannot go or shoot trough the doorframe because of the hitbox of the destructible mesh until i break some chunks off of it. The hitbox covers the hole destructible mesh. I want that anything inside the box collision triggers named box collision to disable the hitbox of the destructive mesh temporarily, as long as there is something inside the box collision (bullet flying through or the person/mob standing in it to go through). The hitbox should still be functional for others. So they don´t shoot through the destructible mesh or walk through the wall, only because they want to hit their face against it, while someone simultaneously is standing inside the box collision or is letting bullets fly through the doorframe. :smiley:

Can you catch my drift? Is my explanation understandable? If not, plz feel free to ask. I just can´t get the right nodes to do that. It is for my game i am working on. Thank you in advance.