How do I create the "punch target follows socket" functionality?

Hello folks,

Does anyone know how can I create the “punch target follows socket” functionality that the IKenema provides? See the example below.


I’ve done smth similar via IK for hand and animation curve.
So basically:

  1. Add animation curve to punch animation (curve: from 0 - when punch is started, to 1 - punch “hit” position, and again to 0 on hand “backward” move) Animation Curves | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Animation update graph - update position of punch target(get location of socket on enemy)
  3. Animation graph: Add IK(FABRIK IK ot 2 bones IK) node for hand. Target from #2, and alpha from curve #1 (Get Curve Value | Unreal Engine Documentation)

Thanks dude it helped me a lot personally :slight_smile:

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