How do I create the project solution for Visual Studio?

I’m attempting to setup a minimal Git repository but, I am unable to include the Visual Studio Solution (.sln) file as it has computer specific references. How can I build a solution file that I can compile off of?

Currently I have a git repository that contains only the few Binaries dlls, Config, Content, Source, and .uproject. With these files I can open the .uproject in the Unreal Editor, Select “Add Code to Project”, and this creates a VS Solution but, it does not compile. I can continue trying to compile that Solution and it will succeed but, this is an awful answer. Hopefully there is a more elegant way to setup a Solution for the source so my Team can easily pull from git and compile.

If you have access to the forums, this is the answer:

Right clicking the .uproject file and generating the Visual Studio solution.
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Another solution: Call the GenerateProjectFiles.bat manually.

Here’s an example batch file that I put in the same folder as my uproject:

:: See docs for info on args:
for %%A in ("%~f0\..") do set "project_folder=%%~nxA"
call "d:\UE4\Engine\Build\BatchFiles\GenerateProjectFiles.bat" -2013 -CurrentPlatform -NoShippingConfigs -Engine -Game %~dp0\%project_folder%.uproject

See also this question.

If you don’t have a right click option to generate project files, see RegisterShellCommands (pictures here).