How do i create rope physics

sorry for my bad english I’m not a native English speaker.

guys I’m trying to create a chain with physics that I can hook it up to the player and the wall so that the player gets stuck and can’t move out of a certain radius. to do this I’ve created 2 physics constraint for each side and attach a sphere so that I can attach the sphere to the players capsule component which wont allow the player to move freely however in the video I recorded as u can see as soon as I attach it to player the player starts being thrown around and the chain starts jiggling.

i cant figure out whats going on cuz I’m noob begginer could someone help me create this functionality, I would be grateful.

here’s my setup

thats just the 5star physics engine at its finest.
i think lusiogenic has some tuts on this…

I’ve watched his tuts,they’re not useful for me. Hes just attaching a static mesh to rope in the editor not at runtime

i think those tuts are very relevant because it seems to be the same issue as he is having with rope. the physics become jittery and glitch out if you dont set up the masses properly. but suit yourself

This is the kind of thing that I would fake. The player doesn’t have to actually be physically constrained by the chain. The person playing the game won’t be able to tell what’s really going on.

When the player is attached to the chain, create an invisible sphere that they are stuck inside and can move around inside, but not exit. Now the game functionally has the player “tied” to the chain. Now all you have to do is solve making the chain look like it’s attached to the player.