How do I create Nested Groups?

I have a simple question concerning grouping in Viewport. Its seems such a simple matter, I’m a bit embaressed to ask. I have read Grouping Actors in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation .

I have a group A and a group B. Both are locked (or unlocked, doesn’t matter). I would like to select them and make a new group C consisting of A and B, where A and B are sub-groups (or nested groups) of C. Ctrl-G lets all Actors regroup - thereby destroying groups A and B. Of course this is desired behavior for a “regroup” - so i looked for a “group” feature on groups (instead of actors).

But after selecting A and B, “Groups” submenu offers only “regroup”, “ungroup” and “lock” to me - there’s no “group”-item, so i don’t see how to create “super-group” C.

Hey lugit,

Unfortunately, nested grouping functionality has been removed. I am creating a report to update documentation for that page to reflect current group system.

Another way to get what you’re looking for is to create empty Actors in your level and attach your Group Actors to it. That way you can select parent to move around all of groups attached to it.

Hope that helps, and thanks for your feedback!