How do I create my own Particle System?

Hey guys!
I’ve been working on a level for my portfolio and after spending some time on Blueprints I now want to move onto Particle Systems. Does anyone know how I can create my very own Particle Systems like fire, sparks, water etc.? I know there are already some particle systems available by default but as its for my portfolio site I need to create my own. Anyone got any ideas? Also just so you know I don’t have access to the source code for UE4 so I can’t do any programming yet.
Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

Also, if you prefer videos, there is this 11-video series that is an introduction to particles in UE4.

It covers how to create your own, and also walks through the particle systems included with the starter content.

Hi Raiden,

You can make any of the effect you are describing using our particle system called Cascade. Here is our documentation on using it:

If you download the Effects Cave project you can see a lot of great particles in action:

It is available on the marketplace for free. Let me know if this helps.

Thanks guys! Really appreciate it!