How do I create my own animations in unreal

I have a drone skeleton that im trying to animate
I cant’t get past the red flag. Another words, I can only get 1 frame.
I cannot find any up to date documentation on how to use persona.

Persona wasn’t intended for wholesale creation of complex animations, but it can be used that way.
It’s simple, but time consuming.

Start with your 1 frame.
I cut down the Idle animation for the mannequin to start.

Then right click to append a number of frames to work with. I used 90… so 3 seconds worth.
And go to the First frame.
Change the left bar to the skeleton and select each joint you might change and S to keyframe it.
If it is a looping animation, repeat this at the Last frame.

Now you can go into the middle of the animation and adjust joints and keyframing them, so that they interpolate between the start, keyed, and final(back to the start) positions.

A simple idle animation is pretty easy, and helps you learn to avoid large movements.


Be sure to hop out and make a copy of the animation you’re working on every now and then.
It’s easy to make a mistake and save(or autosave) without catching it, and then having to start all over again.

thanks.i started rotating the props and keyframed them in but when I play it back, the props yaw, pitch are rotated too which is not what I animated so I had to go in and delete the keys I did not put in. Now my propeller doesn’t spin around 360. It spins 180.

I was having breakfast, and I realize now I glossed over some things you need.

To add frames, right click in the horizontal bar that the location marker appears in.

And to access the skeleton, the tab is on the main menu in Persona at the far left side.

Hope this helps you get started.
I need to learn the new rigging tool and motion controllers, and niagara. I’m really lagging.

how did you build that gif file? I figure that could help me in my posts.

Install ffmpeg. Anything you want to do with audio or video, it can do… but it’s all command driven, no interface, so it has a steep learning curve.

ffmpeg -i sourcevideo.mp4 -r # output.gif

with # being how many frames per second you want the GIF to have. I used 6 for the one above.