How do I create more than one character?

hi,i am using unreal 4.13 ,installed with launcher.
i use third person template for developing a tps game,and i got it and anything work best for single player and multiplayer,but i think when built it i forgot to design logic for another character,
for change character with different skeletmesh although i retargete it but i dont know how to use it,because i cant copy thirdperson blueprint and use it for another character like"john",and in animation of thirdperson character,i use cast to third person and when i use retargeted animation bluprint of john i cant use it Ùˆspecially using animnotify because all target work with third person blueprint
whether any way to create another character with one blueprint or i must create a blueprint for Apiece

You wrote almost the whole in one sentence! :smiley:
You can just duplicate the characters and change the mesh to something else. Check out the official online multiplayer tutorial video series. They do everything you might need!