How do i create like enemies

I can create the actors (just the capsule(also not sure if its actor I need)) basically how do I design a character to fill this capsule with a bot ( or add the 3rd person skeletal mesh or whatever(but if the skeletal mesh how do i edit like his clothes and/or add them) cheers for the help guys just put your help below this would very helpful.

Also the blueprints but i understand that a bit


Watch videos on youtube about custom characters for unreal, refer to the documentation. You will want to start out with a character controller and if you want 3rd person open up the 3rd person blueprint template when you create a new project in the editor. There should be docs to get you started on how that projects example character works.

For AI you can modify the 3rd person character controller in the 3rd person blueprint template and delete some of the player things, Its really easy to get them moving and following you around, but you will have to get down and dirty with blueprints as its not just plug and play (there are tuts on youtube for AI tutorials that show you exactly how to do this)

Then for armor or pieces look up modular items / armor with unreal, there should be a few tutorials on youtube for that as well. Questions like this is not really just explainable its more just “google’able information” that you need to spend a while learning