How do I create half a sphere?

I am only a beginner and I am trying to learn how to work with the engine. I feel like an idiot but i haven’t been able to create half a sphere. Using geometry editing i’m halfway done but im trying to smooth it out so that it is perfectly round on the bottom half. Any idea on how to do this? Or am i already doing it wrong?


In the editor, there is an option in the modes tab to bring geometry into the scene. From there you could drag in a sphere with the brush type set to additive, then bring in a box with its brush type set to subtractive and edit the scale to to take half of the sphere. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the advice but the sphere from geometry is still very block-like which is my main problem. Any advice for this maybe?

your best bet is going to be to create the sphere in a different program such as blender, max, or maya. this way you have control of the size shape and poly count. this method also allows you to set the smoothing which will make your sphere appears less block like as you put it.

The best method it to utilize an external program. I recommend Blender for its simplicity and ease of use for simple things like this.

Don’t use brushes and in-engine features for long term solutions like this as it simply causes performance problems and is not a well optimized way of handling it.

Blender is a easy program to use for something simple like this, and it is very quick to learn. I’d highly recommend learning it for the long-run as it is the bridge to lots of great features and helpful solutions to problems like this.

Try following some basic tutorials for simple use of the program. It wont take long, and it if you decide to take 3D art more seriously you can easily set up a pipeline for producing your own assets, and have a lot of control over your game that way. Even if you use Asset packs, it’s great knowing how to manipulate or fill in the gaps of your asset library.