How do I create custom meshes?

Hey I’m trying to make a level for a video game I’m planning on making but I don’t really want to spend 80 dollars on pre-maid meshes. Is there a video or tutorial I can see the will teach me how to make meshes? (preferably video tutorials)

Yes, there are plenty in youtube. What mesh are you trying to make?

Well no specific mesh in particular. mainly furniture.

There are plenty, but I highly suggest you make them in a 3d modeling program, because UE4 is not designed to be a 3d modeler. I also suggest you post on a 3d modeling forum rather than on here, there is a chance you will receive replies from experts in that subject.

Go download Blender its free and for 3d artwork. there is thousands of Youtube videos online to watch for countless hours to learn everything you need to know about modeling an abyss of things. Specially simple props such as furniture.

Here is a good blender tutorial which will teach you the basics: :slight_smile: