How do I create custom behaviours for my pawn?

I’d like to start adding some Simple AI to my hover tank game to make the units follow and attack targets etc. I’m assuming that I can’t just create a behaviour tree that will “work” with it straight away since the Controller/BT has no idea how to make the pawn move to it’s final location, or even how it should use the pathing/navmesh to get there.

So how do I go about creating whatever I need to, to make sure that the behaviour tree knows how to “use” the pawn it’s controlling? Do I have to create both BT nodes and a special controller or can I get away with just one or the other?

As long as you can create a movement component that can feed navigation instructions to, you should be fine just using the BT as-is. The BT is essentially just using some tasks that one of the Epic guys wrote, so have a look how the movement component works and follow that interface to some extent and you should be good to go otherwise. Having said that, I’ve not done it myself, this is just based on my digging through the AI code.

I’ll check it out, I’m worried that it relies heavily on the Character Movement Component, which is useless in my case since it’s a completely custom movement comp with Physics-Based movement.

Nah not really. It only relies on movement component for movement after all, so… recreate a movement component of your choosing and you are back up to speed :slight_smile: