How do I create collectible files/files that the player can pick up and read?

Hey all,

I’m creating a horror game in which I want to create files the player can read, and in the long term, collect but for now I just want to prototype a level so I just need to be able to read them and put them back after.

I don’t know if I am overcomplicating things in my head, but what I think it would be is:

Create widget and mesh (say a page). Make widget invisible and only visible when I interact with it. Have it pop up like a pause menu, so add to viewport, and then when done I press a button and it’s back to the game.

Is that the correct way to do it?

Thank you

Firstly, do you have any interaction system in your project? If no, the easiest way is make a linetrace forward from camera and check hit actor (for example, does it contains interaction interface).
Secondly, create a widget which contains an area with text and (for example) an exposed on spawn Text type variable. After player interacts with object, create widget (also pass as a Text parameter some text stored, for example, in object), show it on player’s screen (also set input mode UI only) and, if you’re planning to pick it up, destroy interacted object.
Thirdly, add a button to widget to close it: just set input mode to game and remove widget from player’s screen.
If you need something more complicated (for example, inventory system to store notes), I don’t think I can explain it quickly - you can find tutorials on Youtube.
Also, if you’re doing horror game and you’re not very good in programming (BP or C++ - no difference), there is a free horror game framework on Unreal Marketplace - it has a lot of gameplay features for horror games. Horror Engine in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

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Get a copy of this

All your questions answered in one go…

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I got a copy of that but I wanted to do it from scratch, rather than just taking big chunks of that engine. I’m trying to learn so don’t want to copy and paste you see.

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Thank you, I’m trying to stay away from Horror Engine so will try what you said.