How do I create animations to interact with objects using a sequencer?

Hello. Show me how you can take a glass from the table and then put it back. I am also interested in how to interact with objects with both hands, such as lifting a drawer. I need to do this via sequencer since it is not gameplay. How can I attach an item to a skeleton at a certain point and then detach it that continue to animate the item or do a physical simulation.
In the video bear lifts the stone. for example how to make it so that it would have fallen out of his hand, or you could do animation brusk stone. what would the stone followed his hand but at the right time it would be possible to unlock and continue to animate the flight of the stone.
I hope I wrote it clearly. I’m from russia and use google translator.

It looks like you already know how to attach to a specific skeleton socket. You can also add a socket to your skeleton specifically to attach to.

For two hands I suspect you would attach to one hand and then simply animate the other hand and the drawer to look like the other hand is attached. You can add another transform track to an object and make it relative. That way you can make adjustments.

Add transform keyframes to the rock after the detachment to throw the rock. You’ll have to fiddle with placement a bit to get it to align properly.