How Do I Create and Use An Editor Asset Library?

So it seems there is something called Editor Asset Library that extends Blueprint Function Library, but I have no idea how to actually make or use one I wanted to use it so that I can use this DuplicateAsset function:

Documentation says the target is Editor Asset Library, but I have no clue how to make one or use one. I know how to make a regular Blueprint Function Library, but I can’t find any instruction online about how to make an Editor Asset Library which seems to have a whole host of useful functions that can be used to read and write stuff in Content Browser.

Here is the documention for EditorAssetLibrary: UEditorAssetLibrary | Unreal Engine Documentation

You do not need to create a new blueprint class or instance a blueprint, you can just call the “duplicate asset” function in your blueprint graph.
However, that is an editor operation, so it is available in “editor” type blueprints such as the Editor Utility Widget.


Thank you, yeah it seems to also be accessible in a non editor script but it will crash the engine if used from there. It works well as it should when used in an editor script.