How do i create an offline installer from my ue4.19 installation.

I need to create an offline installer from my installation folder of UE4 how can i make it? what folders and dependencies do i have to include? is there some software that does all that for me?

I don’t have time to go into detail or I would but basically you should go look into how to obtain the source for unreal and compile it. If you grab the source for the engine and compile it you will have a full offline installer which is what you want. Just a warning though I hope you are rocking a solid rig because it probably will take some time to compile the source even on a fast system.

P.S. If you don’t know how to compile the source I’m very certain there are tutorials around that walk you through what you need where to go and how to compile the source once you have it.

You can just copy-paste the installation folder created by the launcher to a different computer and it works. Run Engine/Binaries/UnrealVersionSelector-Win64-Shipping.exe after unpacking it to register the shortcuts.

If you need to make a simple “installer”, maybe a 7z self extracting archive?

Inno Setup Compiler is much better than 7z self-extracting archive.