How do I create an inventory with an infinite supply of items?

Hey there, I want to create some kind of inventory where I don’t have to pick up items but instead can just load them into the game. In most cases, you first pick up some , so later you can drop exactly this one item out of your inventory. Now, in my case, the is available in the inventory all the and hasn’t to be picked up in the first place. So I can access the inventory via a button of the VR in order to pick an out of a list and drop it indefinitely.

For Vive, there is a similar function offered in the demo, but I wasn’t able to find an explanation online yet.

Has someone already created something similar? Or does someone know where to look that up?
I would be glad about every helpful information!

Could you make an array of all of your static meshes for example, make a second array with the names and/or thumbnails in the corresponding index number. Widget your list, when they choose an item, get the index number and spawn the static mesh out of the array?

Just a thought.

So you don’t mean an infinite number of items, just the ability to keep dropping the items as much as you want? Just don’t remove the item from the inventory on drop, then… :wink: