How do I create an inventory & shop system with blueprints?


Me and my classmates have to develop a very basic MOBA game with Blueprints. Now that we have most features we planned, I just can’t figure out how to create a inventory & shop system like this in League of Legends.
I watched tons of tutorials, but none of them fit in our Project. So i thought i could get help here…

How would I start something like this?

  1. Basic Inventory with 3 Item Slots
  2. A shop system, where the player can click on an item and if he has enough money, the item will be transferred to his inventory

We really tried everything, but we are complete beginners when it comes to things like this…

I’m thankful for any advice! :smiley:

I know this is old but maybe follow this tutorial it shows you how to make the inventory and shop just find the videos in the playlist and you should be good to go:

To start you should use arrays.
For 1] My main emphasis is Parent-Child Classes. Create an Item parent - even if it has no information - so that all the items can be put into one array. Next create an array variable of Item BP Class in the character Blueprint that all the items the character holds can go into.

For 2] Do the same thing but create the array with items already in it. Use UI Widgets to present them on screen and use a OnClick event to trigger the addition of the item in that array slot to be added to the player array.

If you want more help just ask in comments!