How do I create an animation sequence with more than one frame?

So I’m having quite the challenge: I’m trying to animate a simple windmill. I just want the pads to rotate 360 once, and then loop that. It’s really difficult, although it doesn’t look like it.

First, I tried to make the animation in 3ds Max. When I import it on UE4 it doesn’t work because there’s some kind of issue with bones rotating more than 180º. So I tried to manually animate it on UE4, but this is also very challenging (for someone who never did animation inside the engine besides using matinee).

I imported the windmill skeletal mesh, and when I try to manually create an animation for the rotation bone I can only create an animation sequence with 1 frame (the engine shows this as 0.033 seconds). I can’t find where to setup the number of frames, or time, and I haven’t found anything in the documentation that even begins to talk about this subject.

Also, I only found one unanswered question in this website related to this question. So, I’m probably missing something very very obvious, or I just stumbled upon something that’s not developed yet.
I’ve been trying to make this work for the past 4 hours. Help!

You can do this in 2 ways in blueprints. both are separating the mesh into 2 parts the static part and the rotating part then put them together in bp.
The important thing is the rotating part must have its own root at the midde or the rotation will not look good

So when you put them in a bp you should use a “Move component to” node. And them rotate it in the desired time. the you just add maanually an loop secuence every time the animation ends.
This method is good for making “unconsistent rotation” for example if you want the object to accelerate or deccelerate in some point

Or you can add an rotating component in the bp components menu and make it parent of the rotating part. Its good and perfect for fixed constant rotation.