How do i create an AI that crafts things?

Hi i am new around here, just wondering if anyone could give me a tutorial on behaviour tree to make an AI craft things ?

Well, you need to give us more details than that. Do you already have animations for crafting (you may be able to find some free ones on Mixamo)? If so, then you will need to create a blueprint system for items. I recommend storing an array of custom Structs with values such as item type, icon, etc. in your AI Character blueprint. You would check if this array e.g. contains enough structs of iron or wood type to craft a sword.

Regardless, you will need at least a basic AI to start with before you proceed with adding crafting in the first place. I strongly recommend that you first complete the Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide and build from there. Good luck!

for this you need to create an AI with crafting functionality, the first thing you need animaitons of crafting for AI