How do I create a working vehicle-mesh in blender?


For a while I have been trying to get the hang of how to import a vehicle created in blender and use the vehicle blueprint to controll it. I have tried using another blender file than my own and its working the way it should. However when I try to use my own blender file the physics gets really wierd. the wheels are spinning very slow and the car is difficult to ctrl. I’m assuming that i have set it up the wrong way.

In the blender file, the wheels are parented to the body and the body is located in the world center. The scale and rotation are applied to all objects and the vehicle is pointing towards positive x-axis. Does anyone know anything else that might be incorrect? Thanks in advance.

Most comon mistake is wrong scale, in 3d packige be shure your vehicle is right dimension, and when imported to UE in
PhAT if in mass tab is something like 0.023 kg , 0,0054 kg, or 2800000 kg, of course you will have problem .
my tutorial it’s done with 3dsMax but if you watch maybe you leran somthing that you can apply in your example.