How do I create a timer that persists through loading different levels? / My latest timer idea won't count at all

I am working on a minigame collection game where the games get harder as time progresses, I am currently stuck trying to make my timer carry on after loading the next level, it always resets on loading.
Initially I used basic timers but these reset after level load, after some research I realised i probably need to use game instances, but i’ve not had much success.

Here is what I have so far, the timer doesn’t function at all, staying on 0 currently.


There no feature like that for that in blueprint (if timers reset even in GameInstance), i can think of 3 work arounds here

  • If you can’t use timer, try compering time insted, from one point
    to another
  • Make your own timer using tick delta
  • Streaming levels instead of loading
    them should make world state
    persistent toghther with timers

Telling for what exactly you need such timer might bring up other ideas, you also might consider suggesting more persistent timers to feedback forums.