How do i create a Timer based scoring system?

I created a basic count down timer using this

What i want to make now is an star based scoring system, which would give me rating depending on the timer as the level ends.

I assume when the level ends you’d check the timer…
assuming timer is an integer
you can use In Range (Integer)
if 0 to 59, rating = 1 star
if 60 to 119, rating = 2 star
and so on

If you have it split into minutes and seconds, it would be easier to work with just seconds so you could convert it… minutes * 60 + seconds = final value to check

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Maybe there’s no need to add all those seconds, minutes and whatnot since the timer is already doing all the work anyway:

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So i did this,

But now i want to make division in those 300 sec’s
300 - Seconds remaining 200 pts
200 - Seconds remaining 150 pts
100 - Seconds remaining 100 pts
and i dont want to add the points system to the game mode BP, i want the points system to on my end game collider BP.

What if I there is 127s remaining? How many points is that?

A curve perhaps:

You could also then get any value in-between and snap it if needed.