How do I Create a Static Mesh Instance in Blueprint

Hi there. I have looked for the above question but can find no answer.
I need to know how to create a static mesh instance that can be duplicated over the level many times to help keep the drawcalls to a minimum.

If someone can point me in the right direction, that would be great.


3 Steps.

  1. Add StaticMesh (with selected mesh).
  2. Create an InstancedStaticMeshComponent variable and Set it using the Return Value on the Add StaticMesh node.
  3. Add Instance, with a Target Input of your InstancedStaticMeshComponent variable and a transform of wherever you want the instance to spawn.

You add the static mesh to get it in the level so it can be copied(not sure why this is needed but it is).

Thanks. After having it explained it all seems so simple now. Worked a treat.

I take it, it would it be the same for modular wall, floor, ceiling, ect; application?

Thanks again…

Yeah pretty much anything you want instanced. I generate a hex map with them, but you can procedurally generate just about anything you can math together with them.

Just realize that you can’t really rely on instances for collision or interactivity, so using invisible collision volumes in those cases is an efficient way to handle it. They can lay right on top of your instances and be the same size if need be.

Thanks for the heads-up Zuestiak. Hope Epic add collision volumes to Instanced Meshes in an update, but in the meantime I’ll just wrap my Instanced meshes in a collision volume. Guess I could even model a low-poly version of the asset and use that as the collision volume like you could in UDK. I’ll look into that.

Thanks again Zeustiak, great technology with a fantastic community.

I agree, it would be nice to have instanced renders on blueprint actors/static meshes.

Good luck!

Can you show the Blueprint of this process. I’m really new at UE 4 and it would be a huge help! Thanks

Zeustiak, can you please show a blueprint example of your 3 step process. I’m trying my hardest to figure this out…thanks!

Hi, this thread almost helped my problem. Is there a way to copy a blueprint and keep its functionality, for instance, I have a bottle which changes colour with the press of a key, but when I copy it so that I can have 2 bottles that change at the same time it doesnt work, only the newest copy of the bottle will change colour. Any light shed on this problem would be appreciated. Thanks