How do I create a speed boost power up?

Hi. I am trying to make a simple power-up that speeds the player up when they pass by it. I have no idea where to start. It’s a 2d game so the player only needs to speed up in the x axis. Here’s my blueprint so far:

Any ideas?

First create 2 BP 2D_character(character) and Power_Up_Boost(actor). Then add your 2D_character a function “Power_Up” ,which will increase its speed. Then add your Power_Up_Boost Event “Begin overlap” and cast collision object as 2D_character and call its Power_Up function.

Could you please provide a diagram? I’m struggling to understand :frowning:

  1. Add your character function set power up with takes vector parameter as argument

  1. Add your Booster actor a Boost property (vector) and ActorBeginOverlap Event, which calls your characters set power up function.