how do i create a sound off button?

so i have created a button in my options menu that will turn on the sounds in my game and i just need an onclick event to make all my sounds stop again when i press the button to do so in the options menu, but i don’t know where to start. i’ve tried searching for this info for a long time and have been unsuccessful. any efforts to help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Saphia,

You can use an Audio Component to manage the sounds on and off.

Here is a good post on it.

Audio Component, Sound On/Off

Good luck!

is there anything i need to do specifically to the audio component because ive added it to the stop function on my on clicked event and its not working.

  1. Create a new SoundClass
  2. Open every Audio Content that should be affected

3. Set the SoundClass of all your selected Content to the Class we created

4. Create two new SoundMix Assets

5. Open both SoundMix Assets
6. Add an element to SoundClassEffects, set SoundClass to the Class we created and set the VolumeAdjusters to 0 and 1

7. Use the SetBaseSoundMix-Node (set to our new SoundMix-Assets) to modify our SoundClass

I hope this might help :slight_smile:

For more informations check this: [Unreal Engine 4 Documentationt: Audio & Sound][6]

Should this not work. i tried what you did but it made no difference.

Did you ever solved this?

i dont think i ever did sorry if i do i dont have the files anymore and i work with a different engine now so i dont remeber much