How do i create a simple Carry and Drop Blueprint?

Hey guys, ive been looking to walk up to an object (an open crate) Pick it up, have it locked on the chest socket, and be able to drop it right where you are aiming.
ive looked up multiple ways to do this but haven’t really found the set up i am looking for.
i have a system now that will pickup physics objects and i can throw them, but the problem with that is you have to continue holding down the button to hold, and if you run into something, he drops it, and also when holding it in the air, it spins, its like it needs 2 points of grabbing so it wont rotate.

What i want this for it to be able to bring the crate on an island (my pirate game) fill up the crate with physic objects (loot) and be able to return to the ship, while carrying the crate with items and set it down in one of the loot rooms. Im trying to make an immersive looting system by a simple blueprint set up that doesn’t require inventory or anything, just literal carrying items.

Thanks so much! every comment is much appreciated!

hello. are you trying to build a system where a player can pick up items and put them in a box and carry them inside the box ?

i would think that you would just use attach actor to actor

yes. exactly.

This seemed to work! i have some things to figure out with it now, like how to keep it upright no matter how it falls, but this worked for what im looking for! thanks so much!!!

Hey, I’ve been trying to do achieve a similar thing in my project, but I can’t figure out how to reference my character properly. I tried using the “get player controller” node but my object just disappears when I press the button. I’m using the FPS starter content character BP, I don’t know if that makes a difference.

the easiest way to reference the character would be to use the get player character node. or you could have all the functionality built into the character then you would just need to get a reference to the actor to be picked up which could easily be done with a trace.

Try “Get Player Character” and cast it to your character instead.

Thanks for the help! I can pick up the object now but once I drop it again, I can’t pick it back up… Also, right now the object has a fixed Z-translation relative to my camera. Is there a way to get the object to follow the camera in all axes?

Great tuut on pick up and inspect:

as it is currently the object gets attached to the character to its location is determined by the characters location. if you want the object to move relative to the camera then you would need to attach the object to the camera. or you would need to create a script which moves the object based on the control rotation of the camera.