How do I create a simple AI?

An AI that you can clone.

One that has it’s own functions and if you clone it, the clone assumes the blueprint of the other one.

It’s supposed to work as an enemy.

Hi SiraX,

That is actually pretty much exactly what you are supposed to do with AI and AI behavior. Take a look at our Behavior Tree Quick Start Guide:

Follow the steps and you’ll be able to get a simple moving AI, from here, you can create child blueprints and modify the behavior tree to allow you finer control over what specific actions you want each type of AI you make to perform. You can find a ton of great information on setting up various AI from our AI twitch streams, which can be viewed from here:

https://www…com/watch?v=PgxuaTSkyu4 - Pt. 1

https://www…com/watch?v=cZqIidnnK5A - Pt. 2

https://www…com/watch?v=cFYk1tEgyGI - Complex AI Interactions and Optimization

Thanks for the answer.

I have one question though:

  • In the First Person Template, which Animation Blueprint am I supposed to use?

EDIT: I have this Level Blueprint now - Screenshot by Lightshot

As you can see, AICharacter follows the FPCharacter. When the AI hits the FPCharacter the AI gets destroyed and spawns another AI from the same class.

Now my problem is that I want the new-spawned AI to follow me aswell but it doesn’t. Do you know how I can change that?