How do I create a projectile which bounces in XY plane only?

So I’ve been struggling to create a simple sphere as a projectile and make it bounce.

The problems I’ve come across are the following:

With physics YES; bounce YES , friction 0 and bounciness 1 I got two problems

  1. The projectile loses speed every time it bounces off of a wall
  2. The projectile starts in XY plane, yet it bounces a bit in Z too, which shouldn’t happen. (I’ve tried restricting it via the plane, the Z movement, yet it goes in a different weird plane this way)

I’ve also tried doing a trace line by channel (2 times), calculating the bounce using below:

If then I try to make the projectile switch directions, when overlapping/hitting the wall, it doesn’t do that…

How could I accomplish this in blueprints? Thanks!

I found the solution. Basically got to create a new physics material, apply it to the projectile and give to it Restitution 1, Override restitution combine mode to True, and finally Restituion Combine Mode set to MAX.

That solved it for me!

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