How do I create a new animation/pose for the unreal mannequin?

I think you would get a lot out of the VR series on YouTube by Jonas Mølgaard. He has a lot of great videos but I think this one might be relevant to your hand pose question: HTC Vive - FullBody setup - Part 8 Creating the hand poses in MotionBuilder - YouTube. I can’t rave enough about him.

He uses MotionBuilder to build the poses. I’m not sure how easy that is for you to get. If you can’t get it then I guess you can always just modify an existing pose by hand (no pun intended). That’s what I did to get the hands of my character to grip different rifles realistically. I don’t know if it’s ideal but it works well for me.

What I did: I took the idle pose, cut it to a single frame, posed the hands as I needed them, and then blended that animation in with my main pose by using a layered blend per bone node (using hand_r and hand_l bones). Then I have a blend by int node that switches between the different hand poses based on an ID that is set when the weapon is equipped. That node feeds the layered blend. You could do something similar but instead of different rifle grip poses, it’s the different hand poses you want. The blend by int should make it transition smoothly between them if you use a long enough blend time. Should work, I think.

I’ve been using the VR hands animations/poses and they’ve been working great so far. However now I’m in need of another pose that’s basically the hand pointing with an index finger. How would I go about doing this?

I’m looking to make it basically add on as another animation state like these poses:


Any help is appreciated as I’m very inexperienced when it comes to the 3d modelling stuff!

Hey there, you can do an additive animation pose from inside the engine. Duplicate an existing animation nad cut it so it has just the first frame, then select the bones and rotate them to be in the pose that you want, after that just hit + Key and Apply in the top bar and save the anim,

How do you cut it so it just has the first frame?

If you right click on the frame slider, the frame where you right click it will allow you to cut from that frame to the end, or from the beginning to that frame.

Oh thanks! I got the animation working on the editor

However when I try to select it as a grip state that the animation BP uses (I added another enum called point for the point animation I created), the grab animation gets selected instead of point:


Can you help me figure out what I’m doing wrong?

Can you show me your animation graph and where you do the blend by enum?

Ah, I’m using the one I got with the VR template:

I was asking for the animation graph, that is the event graph.

Oh sorry,

So where are you using the the point animation? I thought you would do something like a blend per enum based on the value of Grip State.

I didn’t know I had to use it…oops. I have it set up in the motion controller BP to run the pointer animation when I need to use it. I used a solution very similar to this one: Where can I modify the grip state value to include my own hand animations? - #11 by vr_marco - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

I just need to figure out how to make the hand animate naturally instead of just changing instantly to the pointer animation. Any ideas on where I can start with that? Also thanks for walking me through this so far, it really helps me make sense of all this.

If you do a blend by enum you will be able to specify the amount of time to blend between poses.