How do I "Create a movie" In Blueprint?

I have a multiplayer game, that i wish to record the gameplay to make a trailer out of it.
Is there any way to create a movie without using the matinee editor, but a way to activate " Create a movie" like in blueprint?

"Create a movie , is when you render out images, or movie in avi,and it exports it to a file on your computer.

I know about screen recording software, I would prefer to use record movie using the matinee and wondering how to acess this in blueprint.

Short Answer is No.

You’re better off using something like Open Broadcaster Software to record your monitor and going that route. Even if you were to ‘create a movie’ using internals of UE4 the video would most likely be uncompressed (raw) meaning a 1 minute video would be ~15GB in size. Oh and that excludes audio.