How do I create a Ladder Volume?

is there by chance a ladder volume hiding in rocket

just trying to fix up my defense posts, i tried lifts in udk but didn’t really like the way that worked so i used ladders in stead

I’m going to guess you didn’t mean to put this in the Chinese questions and answers section, so I moved it. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, i"m back to map building and thought about Ladders again.

is there any update on this or does every not bother with them any more and just use 2 physics volumes like in Planetside 2

The ladder volume isn’t in UE4. I went ahead and put a request for this into our database for consideration.

thank you, it would help me loads :slight_smile:

I was able to successfully implement a ladder volume using a class blueprint and here’s how I did it: Dropbox - Error

Hope this helps!

Thank you! I was trying to figure this one out too.