How do I create a First Person Controller without a weapon?

I have no idea what you are talking about…

Which template did you start with? You need to give information about your problem if you want help, instead of using question and exclamation marks redundantly.

Open My Character blueprint in TP_FirstPersonBP template. Go to Graph tab and delete all of Spawn Projectile group. Then head to Components tab, extend First Person Camera component on left side and delete mesh under it. Then you’ll have a first person camera walking around with no weapon.

Open up character blueprint, go to components, and hide arms, and find were input for shooting is and push alt to disable execution wire.

WTF is setting up a player control so much of a nightmare???

I don’t want to go into play mode and be flying around!!! How do you create a friggen simple player control???

Sorry I’m super angry right now, cause I’ve been trying to solve this problem all day, and It’s ****ing me off that something that should be a simple setup is not.

I created a blank template. and when I get in there and go into play mode my character doesn’t move like it should in a typical FPS, instead it’s still acting as though I’m in Edit mode. Flying around and stuff. I want to remain grounded, and be able to walk around. I can’t find anything in project settings that changes my camera mode, or anything in camera details.

You have to remember, Not everyone creates FPS games, so it’s right move to not have any kind of initial setup for player input/movement.

That being said, if you want to work on FPS projects without having to set those up manually, then don’t use blank project or mostof others. There is already two project templates for FPS that you can choose while creating a new project, so just use those.

There is also a Shooter game that you can download from marketplace, that gives you more features of an FPS from get go, though bases are C++.

I did try templates with shooter. I am not really making a shooter game. I just want that First Person control. other templates have guns, and a character on it. I don’t want that. I just simply want a first person view, to walk through my environment. Do you know how to get rid of character and gun from other template?

That worked out great Jacky. I really appreciate time you put into helping me out. Thank you very much.

Re-read my answer. I said TP_FirstPersonBP template, not Blank.

Hey Jacky,

Sorry, his post was put into moderation for a word caught by our language filter. I edited and published post, so while it says it was posted 51 minutes ago, it was actually written before you answered. Sorry for confusion; it sounds like your answer worked out for him. Thanks for your awesome work!

Oh ok, no worries. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Jacky, this solved one of my problems

Thanks, worked like charm!

Hello, I read post and I don’t know if I understood well: Can’t you put a FirstPerson controller (to walk instead of fly) without having to create another project with FPS template?
I would like to have FPS controller but I would prefer not to configurate a project another time, because I’ve done ilumination and other things, can I?
Thank you very much!

I am wanting same thing. I am not a fan of Black box or even viable complex templates or even product of someone else i don’t learn like that I want to do it myself. Being new to “Flow Chart” method I want to create a Open World game with a sword and shield. I am trying to set up a couple of simple static Meshes that are movable and I want to have them move with Character mesh until my animation is completed for import. I just want them to be able to provide feedback as I am testing collisions. Is there a way to do this with out using a template. I tried 3rd person too and adjusted camera by adding controller yaw at eye level still not what I am wanting. Does anyone know how I to do this? Can you set camera as Player and child two cylinders under it? I have tried this but I am too new to this. Tried searching in documentation but I just get errors…

No need to delete anything! Just open FirstPersonCharacter Blueprint, select Components tab, click on Mesh under FirstPersonCamera. On Viewport select gun and hand, then check Hidden In Camera from Rendering in Detail panel. Done :wink: Hope it will help you!

Well two years since this was posted, but newer updates should help. You should also look up gamemodes.

How would I make this work properly for Google VR (mobile VR) in UE 4.15?

Hello guys, I’ve deleted mesh from my 1stperson bp and it works good! Now I have an extra problem, when I’m on VR mode with HTC vive my head movement makes character move as well it is super strange. Can you understand what I mean?

Hello guys, I’ve deleted mesh from my 1stperson bp and it works good! Now I have an extra problem, when I’m on VR mode with HTC vive my head movement makes character move as well it is super strange. Can you understand what I mean?