How do I create a .exe of my game?

I want to create a .exe of the game I have right now, that I can load without needing the editor. How can I do that?

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In the Editor use the menu entries in:

File → Package Project


I summarize the discussion in the comments:

If you are having troubles to start your executable on another machine, check if the packaging mode “Shipping” is selected. An executable packaged in “Shipping” mode can be copied around to other machines.

If “Development” is selected then the other machine must have an Unreal Engine installation too.



I’m still learning Unreal Engine… And I have some questions :

I understood the packaging process but I need some more infos about it.

I’m actually working on a project and do some tests with .exe.

But I have to try the packages on another computer, How can I create an .exe of my game/app copy it to another machine and run it?

I tried to copy/paste the windowsnoeditor folder to the other machine but it searched for a .uproject file, why?
Is it impossible to make a real standalone .exe and move it where we want?
So here comes my last question, how to install a game/app on a device/computer?
(no matter the version, I mean tests and final versions)

I don’t understand the logic.



Howdy JayC3D,

How would you be packaging the project (Development or Shipping)? If you are building for development, you would need to have UE4 installed on the Computer as well in order to play you project? Packaging for shipping should allow the project to be played on the computer.

You may also want to zip up the file and then transfer it over that way.

Let me know if this helps with your testing.


Hey JayC3D,

Just wanted to check in with you and see if this previous information has helped you with getting a project on your other computer. Be sure to let me know if you need any additional help.



I am new to unreal 4 and now I am working on a project to tests with .exe.

I followed the above answers and got .exe file with windows (64 bit).

After running in UE4 editor, I just packaged my project and got .exe file (saved in C directory). When I double click to start running, its showing the screen but I need to access with mouse cursor. Just got the screen like below but I need mouse cursor to click those buttons in the game.

When I run in the UE4 editor, I can able to access those buttons with mouse cursor but I cannot run the same in .exe file

Can I know how to run this .exe file getting the levels running which I saved and run same like in UE4 editor?

Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks in advance!

Howdy purmo037,

Thank you for sharing that information. I am going to need a bit more before i being looking into what is occurring for you. What version of UE4 would you be using and is that build a binary or source build of UE4? Which template would you be using when you are seeing this error?

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hi ,

I fixed that error by changing the level name from File → Package project → packaging settings → Maps & Models.

Now I need to play same like UE4 editor with mouse cursor which is not showing when I run in .exe.

I am using V4.6.0 and V4.6.1.


Hi Purmo,

You can set it up like this if you are using blueprints:

This setup will allow for the mouse to be shown once packaged.


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Thank you so much for your kind help. I used the same Blueprint but without checking Show Mouse Cusor. Now its working after checking it.

Thank you!

Hello !

Sorry I didn’t activated notifications for this topic and I took some time to find it again :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried your solution, packaged the project in Shipping mode and it solve my problem! Many thanks , you saved me!



I choose packaging for shipping but the resulting executable does not work on a separate machine. I get an error about missing msvcp140.dll.

Is there a way to force static linking or do I need to force my users to download this and other DLLs?


Sounds like you’re missing the VS 2015 redistributable (at least I think 140 is 2015). You should be able to include them as an extra in the install by clicking “Include Prerequisites” on the Project - Packaging settings of the Project Settings page.

When you package your game, it should end up under “\Engine\Extras\Redist\en-us” if you’re packaging in US English.


I am trying to package my project but it writes me everytime “Packaging error: Unknown error”
I do not know what could be the issue please help me out ASAP, I have a school project to finish by the end of the day

Can we please rename the big “build” button in the editor? “Build” means “create an executable binary”.

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So, I have packaged my game and it’s working on another desktop, but it’s not working on my old laptop. Says Fatal Error: Game has crashed and will…
What should I do to make it run on potato laptop.

hmmm, Interesting! So I should have a package project menu in my File menu, right? I don’t have one! This is 5.2.1

On unreal 5.2 at least, it is under the Platform menu

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