How do I create a child of a blueprint that contains none of the components of the parent?

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A child will always inherent the properties of its parent. It is not possible to create a child that does not have the parent’s functionality. You could create one blueprint that will have the base/core functionality that all other blueprints will share, then make multiple child blueprints from that one parent that each have their own functionality and only share the few properties of the parent.


How do I create a child of a blueprint that contains none of the components of the parent?

I want the child to have a completely different visual appearance, but still be a child of the parent class for tracking and identifying during runtime. (and still be able to use the parent as a visually unique actor)

But the child appears to auto-magically inherit all of the parent’s components which can’t be edited or even deleted.

Is there a way to do this?
(I am currently running 4.4, I will probably update to 4.5 soon)

You can create a new blueprint that sits in between the two, which only has the logic of the parent (minus logic dealing with its components), then derive from that your two unique actor types with their own visual components.

So you’d go from this: FooActor-> {FooChildActor}
To this: BaseActor-> {FooActor}, {ChildActor}

That’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not looking to remove or change functionality.
As stated in my OP I want to change visual components.

The models of static meshes, the number of static meshes, ect…
For example, I use box components as ‘dummies’ or attachment points to dynamically attach other components at runtime.
I search for these ‘dummies’ and identify them by name.
Some blueprints will have more, or less dummies than others.

I can’t have the attachment points of the parent forcing themselves onto the child.

Is there a way to change the parent of a blueprint after it has been created?

If you open the blueprint and go to File, select Reparent Blueprint. Then you can choose a new parent for the blueprint