How do i create a basic dialogue system?

i have previously seen all the tutorials and none of them are making much sense or they are to complicated for what i need. all i want to achieve as a simple back and forth conversation between an NPC and my player. i dont need any branching or anything and i don’t know where to begin either. if anyone could give me an insight it would be appreciated.

im sorry this seems really complicated would you be able to show this with screenshots? im quite new to UE4 and im not following this well.

i don’t have any screenshots because i have not made this system, i was just explaining a way that it could be made from a mix of my imagination and double checking which objects own what, and what these objects are named. try making the first paragraph of what i said above and see if you run into any specific problems. at that point you can draw text onto the screen based on a string variable.

the third paragraph is basically making a pickup object out of your NPC, so just follow a pickup tutorial. instead of the pickup adding health or player speed, it adds an array of strings to the HUD.

the fourth and fifth paragraph just describe how to make a button skip to the next page of text.

right now my game doesn’t require any dialogue systems, but soon i will start an RPG side project, and then i can post some screenshots of how its done. until then, i guess you can try to work from the text above, or look up a video, or wait for someone else to answer.

okee dokee thats fine thank you ill give it another shot.