How do I correctly spawn NPCs on a Nav Mesh without spawning inside objects?

[The issue im having is that I want to spawn NPCS correctly in my map. Right now NPCs spawn anywhere there is nav mesh. The problem is that there are many large rocks in the game, and if i disable navmesh for these rocks, the NPCs dont spawn on top of them (yay) but they spawn inside them and get stuck (boo). I’m wondering if there is any smart solution to procedurally spawning NPCs without them accidentally spawning inside rocks. The only solution I can think here is to manually go through the whole level and add navmesh modifier volumes inside each of those rocks to tell the navmesh to not spawn bots inside of those rocks, but this seems like a nightmare. Thank you!

Does this help:

this thread did help a bit. The solution we ended up using was putting a whole bunch of nav mesh modifiers all around the map to break up the nav mesh