How do I correctly remove redirectors so I can rename files without blocking myself?

I understand that redirectors left behind after deleting a file (those 2kb uassets that pile up) are partly so version control doesn’t detect changes in every single referenced file, but is there any way to override that decision and remove some of those redirectors? I have a habit of renaming things while I work out the exact convention to use or which material is best for a job. Sometimes I change my mind. In those cases, I end up unable to go back to the original name unless I delete a redirector manually, potentially leaving references hanging all over the place.

How do I safely remove these? They don’t appear in the content browser and my file browser ends up looking different due to all the redirectors pointing all over the place. It’s like a mine field and I want to clear it once in awhile.

Before creating new asset, right click the folder on content browser and “Fix up redirectors” for that folder.


Thanks, that’s a huge help. I’ll have to keep an eye on my version control to see when the right time to perform larger cleanups might be. Might be better to let them build up for awhile and do it all at once both to ensure I can step back on VC and to limit redundant saving from its perspective.