How do i cook mods so that it works in game , my mods only work in editor

Read all replays down below for more detail

Little more details please :smiley:
What have you tried and what exactly aint working?

so i made my mod when testing in editor i set world settings to My Primal Game Data And My Test gamemode then i decide to press steam upload because it is a MOD not a Map i clicked “Cook Ark Mod” once done it said job sucessful then i press upload then i click subscribe go into single player and nothing there none of my items from mod or anything

if you want i can copy and paste my Cook Log

Did you restart steam client after upload?

i restarted my computer to make my steam client sync up…

Cookie is your dummy map pointing at your primalgamedata_bp?

my mod

My creation is not a map , it a mod it adds new items and stuff my world settings in dev kit editor are set to my primal game data and test game mode when I press play in editor it played fine all engrams are there I can place all structures and everything works how it should then I decided to cook the mod and upload it so I press steam upload and chose my mod and wrote description etc after that there were 3 options “Cook as Map” “Cook as Total Coversation” and “Cook Ark Mod” since mine is a mod I pressed Cook Ark Mod it did a long process of bunch of stuff then after some time it said job Successful so I click upload it uploads successfully then i subscribed to my mod and then I log out of steam and log back in to sync it all back up once that was done I went on ark went to host local selected only my mod kept all the sliders at default and loaded in it loaded the usually way and I came in I went in engrams list to see if my engrams were there but they weren’t I check d hat my mod was loaded it was so that my problem all other tester have told me the same thing

Bump help me

is your child Primal game data pointing at base game Primal Data?

Downloaded your mod. It only contains of two files: a map and a inventory component bp. You need at least PrimalGameData, the dummy map, TestGameMode for a working mod.
Try starting here on how to set up the base config of your mod:

My best guess is the same as Darksen, you have not set up your PrimalGameData in your dummy map, you probably set it up in the TestMap(that’s the map that loads when you start the editor). If you don’t set it to your new PrimalGameData it will not cook it and all the other files referenced by it.

To start my mod I copy generic mod files and renamed them and changed them are you saying click on that level file then set world settings then cooki it?

Yes, that is what you should do.

Ok thanks I’ll try it and hope for happy results il, reply here if it works