How do i 'cook' a teleporter to be working in game

Hi folks

I have managed to setup a teleporter between two meshes. It does not come with any blueprint, only meshes and the graphs.

How do i ‘cook’ it so it can be playable in game.

Do i need to set Engram & ItemList for those items?

Thank you for taking time to read this.

Correct. You will need to add it to the master item list. Then you will need to create an engram entry BP, define your new meshes etc in there, and add that engram entry to the primal game data list.

Another question.

I have a working teleported ‘pillars’ in game and able to use it level-based.

  1. How do i scripting in the object’s graph itself
  2. How do i assign ‘Names’ on each pillar to facilitate the teleporting
  3. Can i have a interaction menu by which if there are alot of pillars, i can assigned a destination pillar to the master pillar

All the necessary files are in the folder.

Thank you