How do i contact epic games?

I, and two other classmates of mine, are trying to contact the makers of unreal engine for a class project. we have tried using the email they have put up on the website, but every time we try to send it we get an error message saying the email doesn’t exist.
this is the email we tried to use:
I don’t know if its just the emails we are using, or is this just and invalid email to contact them? if so can some one provide the correct email?

Depending on what you want to talk about you can use one of the email addresses here: Visit Unreal Engine Support for Help and Customer Service - Unreal Engine

Me and my instructor tried the links one this page, but they seem to lead no where.

What is it you want to speak to them about? We might be able to provide the answer for you, or link you to some additional information.

This looks like a necro thread to me, not sure this will help the original poster (2016), but I’m going to leave the current support info regardless.

If you need to contact Epic Support - please fill out this form

Yes it says Fortnite, but it is currently used for UE4 as well, just select a random Game Mode as it doesn’t matter for UE4 issues. Epic will contact you for further support.

Thank you

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