How do i connect up the Make Transfom ?

Hello all Ive made a double barrel turret that shoots Projectiles, atm the only way to aim is to point the player Vehicle in the direction you wis to shoot, So i’m trying to set up targeting with mouse so you can drive one way while turret aims in another direction using the mouse,
so far my BP looks like

what i need help with is, How do i connect the Return value of the make transform “sorry for popup covering most it” to the Spawn transform of the Spawn actor rocketBP and keep the get Socket transform connected to ? even if i’m doing it right !! if i’m not please advise me of the right way to do it… Thx inadvance for any help :slight_smile:

SOLVED Kind of i used a Select Transform function which made the projectile fire where the mouse pointed, but in the end i changed code so the Turret rotated too