How do I connect Unreal to Wix?

I have made a database through php using the Varest plugin, in order to send data after end game to a host while running though a php script in order to allocate the data to their correct columns.

However it was all for nothing!

Since now I need to exclusively host the database inside a website made with and hosted by Wix.
But Wix does not support php, and now I don’t even know where to begin…

Please, I really need help with this.

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Hi MarcolinoIM, in order to interface with a PHP backend you would need somewhere with said backend running to connect to. There are lots of cheap hosting services available online, though you may want to consider hosting a local server during development and spare yourself the expense.

While I have no experience using UE4 with a PHP/SQL server, I have previously written web applications on my local machine using MAMP. There are other alternatives available but my experiences with the free version of MAMP have been pleasant. The program is quite easy to setup and gives you an environment to develop in with an Apache server and SQL access, including PHP myAdmin. If you would like to test your services with peers you can also forward the port on your router (port 80 by default) to enable remote users to access your web server.

Thank you, but the thing is that I NEED to host it on wix, since I already have paid it. The main problem I have is how to host a server on wix, and use said server to upload data from my Unreal Project into a database hosted on Wix.

According to the following page, Wix doesn’t support PHP.

It doesn’t seem like what you’re trying to achieve is possible right now. Perhaps starting a conversation on a Wix discussion board or getting in contact with them would be productive? Personally think that your best bet it is to switch your hosting company to one that already supports PHP. Best of luck to you :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually I just took a look, it seems possible to make an API using “Wix Code”, maybe this will be useful?