How do I come back to object selection mode? Exiting editing mode? HELP

Hi all,

trying to block an arena shooter level, and I don’t understand why I am now unable to select just the single object… Everytime I click to select, I am in edition mode, and only polygon is selected…

Sans titre-1.jpg

Please help me understand why or what I did wrong, and how to comme back to a simple object selection.


Pierre, France.

Perhaps you grouped them? Right click one of the selected items in the right list and look for “ungroup”.

No groups.

I can move the object, no problem, he is isolated, even if it looks like only one polygon is selected.

The thing is that when I want to assign a material to this object, it depose the materiel on one single polygon! Not the entire object as before.

Edited a few BSP, and I noticed this “bug” after that…

Edit : one more thing, I can’t select multiple object in the viewport, I select one “object” (polygone on the object in fact…) I press shift and nothing happens when i click on another object… Only occurs with BSP, I can select multiple OBJ in my scene.

Perhaps the object has more than one material? If you got it from Blender for example, you can see in Blender a list of used materials and name them there.

Nah that’s BSP. That’s from UE4, and every poly/face should be able to hold a mat.

I have no idea about the bug, just wanted to clarify.

Tested several things, I don’t think it’s a bug, but the way BSP works.

You are forced to convert it to a static mesh if you want to apply a material in the entire object.

Thanks for trying help me guys, aprecciate it! :wink:

You know, the first time I read this I didn’t realize you wanted to drop 1 mat and apply it to the entire BSP… Yeah…

That’s how BSP works indeed!