How do I combine meshes already in a level into a single mesh for reuse in other levels?

Hi, I have a level with static meshes it for for buildings and similar things. I want to reuse them in a different level. I know I can group them and reuse the group in the same level.

Is there a way I could group them, and save them to use in other levels or do I have to remake them manually in the other levels?

You can convert them into a blueprint (not just static meshes, all selected actors).

Select the actors in the level you want then go to the Blueprint Icon in the toolbar and select Create BP


Hi there,
There are few good options.
You can select all and copy and paste inside a new blueprint type actor. Usually, all meshes will keep their relative transform and then you can convert that set of meshes into an actor.

Another way, you can just copy and paste content from one level to another, just like that. All relative transforms will be kept intact.