How do I combine inventory slot items?

Hi, I’ve created a slot-inventory system based off of this series: Inventory System Tutorial Series - YouTube

Now that I have it up and running I’ve added an “Actons Menu” (Use, Examine, Combine, Cancel) that shows up when you click an inventory slot.

How would I go about combining an item in one slot with an item in another slot, based off the system in the lesson linked above?

I need to do this because I’m trying to build something like the inventory system in the “Resident Evil 2 Remake”. Something where you can say click an item (like half of a stone plate) Then you would click on another slot (one the other half of the stone plate) and then those two halves would be removed from the inventory and replaced with a new item (the whole plate put together) in ether one of those two slots.

I’ve tried many ways to accomplish this with no success. The only thing I could come up with was to make an Enumeration of Item combo types and if those types are equal to one another inside the “Item Struct” they would combine. This will not work, however, as the slots that are generated within the inventory window are not unique and share the same blueprint (like in the lessons in the playlist link)

I’m not sure how could store the contents of the slot when it is clicked if the blueprint thinks every click of the slot is the first.

Anyhow, I know it’s asking a lot to take a look at the youtube videos but it would be the best way of seeing my set up, as it looks exactly the same.

The way i imagine it is, in each slot there is stored an struct with the data of the item, and maybe an index of which slot is and store it within an array, this is cleaner if you create it dynamically on construct. When you click the slot, you check for a buffer variable where the item info goes, if it is not valid or empty, you store the item info of your first item, then on your second click you check if the first buffer should be valid or not empty, then you do the math of the item combining, once all is done you clear both buffers so you can do it again.