How do I collisions for stages?

Hey forum.
I’m making a vidya game consisting of lots of small stages, and have decided to use blender to make the indoor stages (corridors, rooms, houses, etc) to make things easier.
Now making the model itself was easy. The problems kick in when I want to make some collision for the stage.
Now I thought of making the collisions with the UCX. The first collision model looked like this:


But when I placed it in blender, the entire collision got super messed up. The (collision)walls seemed to have infinite length and so on.
Then I found the few rules about UCX, and one of them was


So now I know that if it would work good, the UCX should consist of many small boxes. The problem is that this doesn’t seem optimized at all.

My question is then, what is the best way to create a collision for a model of the stage?

There is the render of the level(ignore the num primitives):


and the blueprint of it from the top view


If your level is lowpoly enough, you can use complex collision without worrying too much about performance, but ideally you do want a bunch of boxes for a scene like that.

Use the first way showed in this video -> :slight_smile:
As far as I can see from the picture, you use planes for some of the walls? -> make sure that you make them solid so that the collision will work correctly. Also the collision has to be “solid”
Make sure to disable “one convex hull per …” + “auto generate collision” in the import settings

Well I know how to make collisions for models. But working it this way results in having me collisions messed up (infinite length edges). And yes, the model is solid.
Doing the boxes method works but seems to effect in a lot of useless verts.

They aren’t really useless if they are required for collision to work. Don’t worry about optimizing so much, you’ll end up over optimizing things and wasting your time.