How do I chose a default player character blueprint?

Hello! I am working on a project and I wanted to use the player character blueprint from the content example. So i migrated the folder over to my project, but whenever I place it in the scene and play, it doesn’t use that blueprint. Is there any way to have the player start object recognize a specific character blueprint as the default? Thanks!

You can select in the defaults an auto possess which will cause that character to automatically be possessed when you start playing.

You could also define that character in your game mode where you define all important classes which will be used.


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is correct, if you double-click your player blueprint you can set it to auto possess the player or AI from within the details window, under ‘Pawn’.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thank you! i just went into the details panel of my player, searched for auto possess and chose player 0 and it worked!